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Radiant Heaters

Radiant Heaters

Gas safe accredited, experienced engineers covering Exeter, Plymouth, Devon and the South West Region

Radiant heaters are an effective and efficient method to deliver heat in large open spaces such as warehouses, garages, factories, aircraft hangers and other industrial and commercial buildings.

Our commercial radiant heating specialists, provide a range of radiant heating options for clients in Exeter, Plymouth, Devon and the South West

If installed in the correct environment, radiant heating can reduce uneconomical heating of empty space and save on energy costs.

Radiant heating is an ideal form of heating if you are looking to heat a small part of a large space, or to heat an area with much ventilation. A radiant heater does not waste energy heating the atmosphere as a warm air heater would do.​

Radiant heating systems do not directly heat the air. They work very much in the same way as the sun by radiating heat from above, down onto solid objects and surfaces below.

Infrared energy passes inertly through the air, dispersing as heat upon contact with people and surfaces.

Radiant Heating

​Radiant heating units are easy to install, maintain and operate and provide even heat coverage at low level.

Radiant heating does not waste energy heating the air, which is often lost, like other forms of heating.

It is an ideal option if you have a heavily ventilated building, only need to heat a small part of a larger space or require heat in a specific area.


Exeter, Plymouth and the South West

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