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Mains Distributions

Our team of expert electrical engineers carry out a wide range of electrical services across Exeter and the South West

An integral part of a buildings electrical installation is the mains supply and distribution equipment which is the centre of an electrical installation and distributes electricity throughout a building.

Ftec installs mains distribution equipment in a range of different types of building and environments from schools to large industrial buildings.


Our skilled engineers are experienced in the installation and replacement of single-phase and three-phase distribution boards. They are also experienced in mains panel switchgear upgrades and installations and working with numerous different manufacturers equipment.

Whether the installation is small or part of a large distribution network, our experienced engineers will make sure that the installation is compliant with current British Standards.

We offer a full bespoke installation solution to suit your requirements:

  • Distribution Boards & Consumer Units

  • Industrial Switchgear & Panelboards

  • NICEIC Condition Reports & Compliance Surveys

  • Switchgear including MCCB’s, RCBO’s MCB’s RCD’s

  • LV Cabling

  • Earthing & Bonding Systems

Distribution Board.jpg

All of our work is carried out and certified under the NICEIC Certification Scheme

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