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Our commercial heating specialists are all Gas Safe™ registered and specialise in installations, repairs and maintenance of commercial heating systems of all sizes. Their experience of heating systems range from single boilers to larger plant room set-ups.

Poorly installed or badly maintained gas appliances and flues are the cause of a number of death in the UK each year. 

Building owners or those responsible for the building are legally required to ensure that the servicing and inspection of all gas burning appliances and equipment such as boilers, fires, heaters, are serviced at least annually, or as often as manufacturer’s specifications state.

We provide with tailored agreements from a one of inspection and gas safe certificate to annual maintenance checks and service agreements.

As well as gas boilers and the associated pipework, we also provide installation, repairs and maintenance of the following gas systems and equipment.

At FTEC our aim is to ensure your building has been surveyed and has the necessary precautions in place.

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Radiant Tube Heaters in Exeter, Devon


Radiant tube heaters are mounted overhead and produce infrared heat which is directed downwards by a reflector to heat all solid objects and surfaces below.

There is very little wasted energy whilst they reach temperature as they only take minutes to heat up.

They are easy to install and operate and can save up to 65% of fuel costs

Gas Safety Systems Exeter, Devon

Our engineers are qualified and experienced to install all aspects of a gas safety systems. These systems are linked to the gas supply and are deigned to stop the flow of gas in an emergency.

Gas interlock systems monitor airflow and are designed to automatically shut of gas supply when there is no or little airflow. Most customers are not aware that their insurance could be invalid without this device being in place. 

Safety Shut off buttons should be installed in the entrance of a boiler room. They are connected to an isolation valve and when pressed, will isolate the gas supply.



Our engineers are experienced in both the fitting and maintenance of solenoid valves. A solenoid valve is an electronically operated device used to control the flow of liquids or gases.

It is important that a gas tightness test is carried out regularly to ensure a gas installation is safe. A tightness examines the gas pressure inside the pipework to check for any leaks in the system.

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