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F-Tec provide specialist electrical and plumbing works for a variety of customers within the Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Leisure & Retail sectors in Exeter and wider Devon.

We have a mobile workforce who are fully trained and adaptable to carry out all your plumbing and electrical needs.

As a qualified member of the NICEIC, our electrical engineers are trained with up-to date qualifications to carry out all electrical tasks from installations & repairs to testing & commissioning.

Some of the Electrical & Plumbing Services we offer in Exeter & Devon include: 



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Sanitaryware & Plumbing in Exeter, Devon


General plumbing is one of the core services we provide. We have a team of mobile technicians with fully stocked vans who are able to provide a quick and efficient service.

From installing sanitaryware to locating and repairing leaks, we are on hand to meet all of your needs at a  reasonable cost.


Hot & Cold Water Services in Exeter, Devon


Hot/cold water systems are distributed by various forms of pipe works. At Ftec we generally install copper pipework either soldered/Press-fit or Hep20.

When pipe networks are complete it is good practice to clean using a chlorination solution, which insures no nasty bugs have entered the system whilst being installed.

Hot water is generated using various forms such as the following:

  • Andrews water heaters gas fired

  • AO Smith water heaters gas fired

  • Boiler and Cylinder type systems

  • Unvented local point of use such as Redring / Ariston / Hyco / Steeple /


At Ftec we offer a complete service to maintain these as per manufacturers instruction.

It is very important once pipe work is finished to lag the pipe work to avoid heat losses and external influences such as freezing. Pipe lagging can be foil faced or foam


Portable Water Systems in Exeter, Devon

It is always important to on completion of a large newly installed system to test and sample the drinking water distribution system to prove it is safe to consume.

At Ftec we Chlorinate our new/re-commissioned systems and send a sample away to be tested by a laboratory.


IT Infrastructure in Exeter, Devon


With the continued evolution of modern technology we recognise the importance of maintaining a reliability and efficiency of your buildings IT infrastructure.

F-Tec provide all aspects of cabling installation including voice, data and power, fixed and wireless connections from mains servers to the end users. We also provide services for keyless entry and CCTV systems.


Life Systems in Exeter, Devon


Life systems is a term used to cover the element of a building that is designed to protect and evacuate the buildings population in an emergency.

The law requires that fire alarms & emergency lighting is tested on a regular basis. At F-Tec, we are committed to helping our clients provide a safe environment for their staff and visitors. We will work with you to ensure that regular tests are carried out in accordance with the law.

Our engineers have the knowledge and experience to not only inspect, test and maintain your life systems but also offer advise for required upgrades and expansion.


Audio & Visual in Exeter, Devon


F-Tec is able to manage all sizes of structured cabling installation projects, ranging from a single outlet through to a complete installation of a building.

We provide continuing support for moves, changes and installation of additional outlets as required.

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