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Emergency Lighting Requirements

Updated: 4 days ago

Emergency lighting is essential for every building, thinking of employee safety.

Emergency lighting is the backup for when the main supply gets cut off. For example, during a fire or power cut. Usually, during this situation, the system comes online to generate emergency lights, exit signs and other functions which evacuate people out of the building safely.

What should you think about when it comes to emergency lighting?

  • Emergency lighting should have a specific colour scheme, as some people may be blind.

  • A fire plan should be enforced to ensure employees are safe. Usually, fire plans will be provided as part of training.

  • Standby lighting will be installed to reduce panic during an emergency. They are standard lights which are provided in the backup power supply.

What are the legal requirements for emergency lighting?

The standards which we must abide by are defined under the British Standards Institutions BS 5266-1:2016.

  • Installed lighting systems require a logbook, installers and manufacturer's guarantee. Maintenance is required to ensure the system is fully operating when these expire.

  • Additional emergency lighting must be in place for the following: lifts, moving stairways, disabled toilets, plant rooms, walkways, motor rooms, and covered car parks.

  • There must be clear access to call points, escape equipment and changes in direction for disabled people with illuminations within 2m.

How can I maintain my emergency lighting?

It is best to leave emergency lighting to trained engineers. We are insured up to 10m in public liability, which means our lighting systems will never cause you any issues if anything occurs.

Airius handles all the documentation your business needs to maintain electrical components. If anyone takes legal action against you, then our reports ensure that you are up to date and in line with the legal measures.

Please get in touch with us to find out more:

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