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  • Daniel Fifield

Exeter Cathedral School

With the rise in energy prices, it is important to protect yourself against increased costs and to find ways to reduce them.

We were approached by our client Exeter Cathedral School where we have worked for many years. Therefore, we have established a professional relationship with the school.

Exeter Cathedral School is a Church of England, independent day and boarding choir and preparatory school in Exeter, Devon, England.

FTEC has been working with the school for a long time, and it has been a pleasure. We identified faults with their heating systems and were asked to upgrade them to serve the nursery and Headmaster's house.

Heating for the nursery was being supplied by a heat pump which had been damaged by squirrels.

The school could not claim on their insurance for a replacement and asked us if this was something we could replace for them. Working in partnership with Neutral Energy Solutions, Ftec removed and replaced the old heat pump with a new air-source Daikin heat pump.

We also completed work on the boiler at the headmaster's house. The boiler was inefficient and developed a leak which caused the boiler to fail. We replaced the boiler with a new, more efficient Potterton boiler. The flue and gas solenoid valve was also replaced, and the pipework was altered to accommodate the new boiler.

Overall, the upgraded works completed were more sustainable and efficient for the environment. Also, energy costs will be lower, and a lot more money will be saved within the long-term.

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