Restaurant Facility Maintenance

"F-Tec are a fully qualified team of experienced engineers who will inform you immediately of any works needed to keep your restaurant well maintained, compliant, efficient and safe for your staff and customers."

Some of the Services we Have Provided to Restaurants in the Past:

  1. Full management of your restaurants facility services

  2. Electrical, mechanical & building maintenance

  3. To provide you with a dedicated team of experienced engineers

  4. Provide years of experience to create a professional high-quality service

  5. Ensuring the safety of customers and staff.

  6. Routine Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

  7. Fixed electrical installation tests

  8. Effective installations of ventilation systems and repair including mechanical ventilation with heat recovery specifically tailored to your restaurant

  9. Gas appliance and fittings

  10. Plumbing services

  11. Data Cabling

  12. Control of asbestos regulations

  13. Air conditioning systems (including heat pumps)

  14. Routine maintenance of all systems

  15. 24/7 emergency call-out and repair service

  16. Inform you of any work that needs maintenance and routine checks

  17. Helping to provide your restaurant with low-cost maintenance through more effective systems of mechanical and electrical services.

At F-Tec we plan future maintenance to track your property's maintenance requirements

We will schedule regular maintenance ahead of time providing routine visits

We will schedule regular maintenance ahead of time providing routine visits


Tel: 01392 241 506