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Horne TMV

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Ftec offer a full range of services from installation, maintenance and servicing of thermostatic mixing valves (TMV's).

Thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) is a valve used for maintaining water temperature by blending hot water with cold water to ensure constant, safe temperatures for washing hands, taking showers and baths.

In order to kill legionella bacteria, hot water must be stored at a higher temperature than it is dispensed, so regular TMV servicing is crucial to ensure the valve is operating correctly and to prevent potential scalding incidents.

Ftec carry out TMV servicing in many facilities, including offices, leisure, education, health care and social facilities.

Both water systems and TMV's should be regularly tested in order to maintain a safe working order. We recommend annual TMV servicing, however if you suspect a problem, this should be done more regularly.

An indication of TMV issues is often a change in water temperature. 

If your TMV is not serviced regularly and a problem arises, you pose a great risk of scalding and Legionella contamination to services users. 

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Servicing

Ftec can service your TMVs as part of a Legionella prevention programme and will provide documentary evidence of the findings to support your compliance records.

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Our services include:

  • Servicing, calibration and testing of  TMV's.

  • Descaling and disinfection of TMV's

  • Repairs, where financially viable.

  • Supply and installation of new or replacement valves.

Other types of valves

There are many different types of valves that can make up part of your buildings plant.

In additions to TMV's our team have the knowledge and experience to install, maintain and repair many of these including: 

Control valves are used to control variables such as flow, pressure or temperature.

The type of valve used will depend on the size of the pipe, the overall pressure that the system operates, the flowing media, process conditions, and other factors.

Reduced pressure zone valves (RPZ) are extremely important. They're used to keep contamination or pollution out of your water. Specifically, these devices are installed onto your plumbing system to help protect both drinking water

Pressure relief valves (safety relief valves) are designed to open at a pre-set pressure and discharge fluid until pressure drops to acceptable levels.

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